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Billy Bratcher has been entertaining Vermonters of over a quarter century... he always brightens our day, brings a smile to our faces & helps to make Vermont the special place we call home.
-Jim Douglas, Governor of Vermont 2003-2011
Book Billy for an Unforgettable Wedding Reception
Wedding, party and concert musician Billy Bratcher plays his vintage upright double bass while singing
Photo by Jake Bucci


Songs • Compositions • Jingles

Billy has been a great voice in keeping American music close to its roots. His music is authentic. It's true to itself. Glad he is up there in Vermont keeping it all going. Billy is a good man.
-Leon Redbone
Let Billy Write You A Catchy Tune
Songwriter, composer, and jingle writer Billy Bratcher plays his vintage acoustic guitar



The playing is sublime on Billy’s "In the Lobby" CD. The vocals are convincing and the repertoire is a wonderful antidote to musical homogenization. Listening to it will make you want to hang out in the coolest old hotel lobby in town and hope that Bratchers music breaks out .
-San Antonio Express News
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Billy Bratcher plays upright bass

The Adventures of Sweet William & Sugar Cone

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