Classic Vermont Barn Dance

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Featured |May 22, 2017

Classic Vermont Barn Dance

Driving north on Vermont 14 on a beautiful crisp Saturday afternoon past meandering rivers neath covered bridges while listening to Lightnin Hopkins just seemed perfect on this Spring afternoon. The evenings show was to take place at The Rowell family barn. It was a fundraiser for The Craftsbury Public Library as well as The Craftsbury Chamber music season.

If you have never visited Craftsbury and mingled with the locals, you haven’t lived. It really is Gods country and a place where I could live my golden years picking on my country home porch or working at the general store. The show and event was produced by Mr.Dave Rowell, six generation Vermonter.

Once we arrived at Dave’s barn, he gave us a nice tour and filled our ears with the history of this big ole yellow dairy barn. The majestic coupala had just been overhauled and looked gorgeous on the perch on the otherwise paint chipped barn. Inside this very impressive piece of Vermont dairy history, brand new planks had been lovingly laid on the floor calling out to the dancers that soon arrived. Guests were predicted to be around 150,but autos of all makes kept streaming in jamming the parking lot. All totaled there must have been 400 folks taking in this social event. One local said ” there has never been so many gathered at one event in East Craftsbury” .

At 7:00 p .m. sharp my group The Starline Rhythm Boys launched in to our first tune. From the first note, all three of us knew this was going to be an action packed night of dancing. We have played many barn dances in our 20 years, but there was something special about this one. For me it was the pride Mr. Rowell had in his property. It was also the the gals behind the bar serving Vermont’s best brew and gin. It was being greeted by Dave’s gorgeous daughter who was more than willing to help us with our gear. It’s a shame this event wasn’t covered by Vermont Magazine or Vermont Life because it oozed with real country life. In between sets our host who is also an auctioneer, did a great job running up the numbers on some wonderful items donated by Vermont companies.

I’m truly hoping this will become an annual event as it was just a surreal step back in time, right where I feel at home.



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