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Have you longed for a quick, snappy, jazzy jingle for your company?

Allow Billy and his jazzers to come up with the perfect fit for your needs. Billy’s creative approach will direct attention to your add because it will be ear popping fun! Pianos, trombones, guitar and any combo desired will lay the perfect musical foundation for all.

For more than 10 years we have started our morning show with the theme song that Billy wrote for us, unsolicited. Our fans love the enthusiasm of Billy and the band, kicking our show off everyday, especially Billy’s rendition of the rooster crowing at the beginning of the song. I know when the band plays out, they are often asked to perform our theme song. That theme song has become an important part to the start of our day and all of our listeners. Thanks Billy for writing that song for us!!

Charlie Pappilo, WVMT