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We felt so lucky to have the SRBs at our wedding! We have been big fans of theirs for years, and discovered them at a local bar in Burlington. Their honky-tonk music just happened to be a perfect fit for our farm field wedding, and we are still amazed we got to have them play our wedding! They were extremely gracious, agreeing to travel to the middle of nowhere for the wedding, and played some great sets and even entertained our craziest guests. They were the life of the party!
The Starline Rhythm Boys made our wedding at Edson Hill Manor in Stowe very memorable. All in attendance completely enjoyed themselves.
Patrick & Kelly Longley
Billy needs to get down to the Boston area more. We all love hearing his terrific slappin' bass with the The Starline Rhythm Boys and look forward to hearing Sweet William on stage soon!
Cousin Kate WZBC "Sunday Morning Country"
Billy Bratcher is a modern musician with a penchant for the past. His " In The Lobby " comes across as something of a hoot,a curiosity and a curio that entertains as intended. Bratcher for the time being is clearly right where he belongs.
Lee Zimmerman Country Standard Time Boston, MA
With a large, seriously syncopated Vaudeville/Ragtime supporting ensemble, Bratcher breathes new life into a whole slew of songs that started life on your great-grandparents victrola.
John Conquest Third Coast Music Austin, Texas
One can imagine Bratcher entertaining in an old hotel with his music, which at a minimum, is enthralling. He pays homage to music we here little of today in a style that is authentic without sounding like it came out of a museum. In The Lobby is a lot of fun because it's different, well done and true to the genre.
Art Edelstien Times Argus/ Rutland Herald
Bratcher sings with a naturally theatrical bent, his In The Lobby is a fascinating and thoroughly entertaining homage to a bygone era.
Dan Bolles, Seven Days. Burlington, VT
On In The Lobby, Bratcher proves to be a solid ragtime guitar player,but most of all its his voice that wins the game. If we heard him sing harmonies with Starline Rhythm Boys,little did we know that he had such a beautiful and warm voice.
Fred " Virgil " Turgis. - Caen, France
For more than 10 years we have started our morning show with the theme song that Billy wrote for us, unsolicited. Our fans love the enthusiasm of Billy and the band, kicking our show off everyday, especially Billy’s rendition of the rooster crowing at the beginning of the song. I know when the band plays out, they are often asked to perform our theme song. That theme song has become an important part to the start of our day and all of our listeners. Thanks Billy for writing that song for us!!
Charlie Pappilo, WVMT
The playing is sublime on Billy’s "In the Lobby" CD. The vocals are convincing and the repertoire is a wonderful antidote to musical homogenization. Listening to it will make you want to hang out in the coolest old hotel lobby in town and hope that Bratchers music breaks out .
San Antonio Express News
Billy has been a great voice in keeping American music close to its roots. His music is authentic. It's true to itself. Glad he is up there in Vermont keeping it all going. Billy is a good man.
Leon Redbone
Billy Bratcher has been entertaining Vermonters of over a quarter century... he always brightens our day, brings a smile to our faces & helps to make Vermont the special place we call home.
Jim Douglas, Governor of Vermont 2003-2011