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Instrument Collection

Here's a list of the instruments I've collected over the years:

1926 Stella Gambler

Read About the History of the Stella Gambler

1920s Stella Gambler Uke1920s Stella Gambler Uke

The Stella Gambler Uke is from the 1920 s and is a very rare breed. A perfect compliment to the Stella Gamber Guitar.

1934 Martin 0 171934 Martin 0 17

Beautiful sounding all Mahogany Pre War Martin. Loud, focused 14 fret gem from Martins golden age of production. An affordable example from the era. Can be heard on my version of "Champagne Charlie" from Billy Bratcher In The Lobby recording.

1946 Martin 0 181946 Martin 0 18

Beautiful sounding spruce top Martin. Very warm, dry, aged wood tone. Smaller neck then the pre war 0 17. The very best porch picker. This instrument was given to me by a very good friend and blues enthusiast. It was very inspirational in the birth of my In The Lobby recording and can be heard on all tracks but one. Can you guess what track I didn't play it on ?

1961 Gibson B 45 12 string1961 Gibson B 45 12 string

Think Reverend Gary Davis when trying to define the beautiful rich tone of this instrument. Excellent example of Gibson's rarest slope shoulder model of the B 45.

1960s Harmony Sovereign H12601960's Harmony Sovereign H1260

This is a fantastic jumbo workhorse. Great for bluegrass or the blues. Ladder bracing on a large body guitar is fairly rare. This has ladder bracing lending itself for a very unique tone and desirable tone by many.

Circle Strings custom "BB Special" Nick LucasCircle Strings custom "B B Special" Nick Lucas

The Circle Strings BB Special is my main performance guitar. It is a design based on the 1920 s Gibson Nick Lucas model. 90 year old German spruce top, Sapele back and sides, 12 fret, slotted headstock and just about perfect for the style of music I play on it. I couldn't recommend Adam Buchwald more if you desire a very special heirloom instrument for professional or personal use.

1939 Kay Swingmaster string bass1938 Kay Swingmaster string bass

This is a very rare string bass manufactured by Kay. I acquired in trade for a Roland jazz chorus amp. This bass started my career and traveled with me throughout the US on many occasions. It has a great punchy tone when amplified that many jazz and bluegrass players dream of. A great workhouse that has seen many a Honky  Tonks. I string the bass with Eurosonic light gauge strings.

1964 Kay M1 string bass1964 Kay M1 string bass

Another excellent double bass from Kay. This one has a beautiful full tone and was purchased at Paul Perley Cellos in Berlin,Vermont. Paul and Robinson Morse handles all of my repair work and I highly recommend them to you. 

51' Fender P Bass repro51' Fender Repro P Bass

A reproduction of Fenders very first electric bass. It's a beautiful sounding instrument that I string up with flat wound strings. Great maple neck with modifications provided by Creston Electric in Burlington,Vt USA

1939 Epiphone Electar amp1939 Epiphone Electar amp

A beautiful amp in looks and sound. It features the original field coil speaker and its tone can match any from the era. The Christian ES 150 played through this amp was simply gorgeous. 

Republic parlor guitarRepublic Parlor Guitar

This fun little picker features ladder bracing for that 1920s blues tone many fingerstyle players desire. A great little affordable instrument. This was traded for the shirt of my back at  Vermont's Roots on The River Festival in exchange for the instrument. Steve from mentioned that his wife whom spied the shirt, desired it. I obliged for a fare exchange for this little box.

1937 Gibson ES 1501937 Gibson ES 150 

This was one of the very first electric guitars ever produced. Made famous of course by Charlie Christian.The tone of the instrument is just beautiful, like that of a horn in some cases. This guitar had the original striped Gibson case. It was in my possession for a number of years. Another player came along that really desired the instrument whom had honed in Christian licks that far surpassed mine. It felt the guitar should be in his hands. Catch and release as they say. Sold